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From real to reel


A spiring filmmakers are being given the opportunity to hone their chops at Arab Film Studio’s Documentary Annual Training.

The training focuses on the art of making documentary films – and selected participants will go on a six-month process that includes online tutorials and a two-week filmmaking boot camp.

This programme reaffirms the rising popularity of the genre not just in the UAE, but the entire Middle East.

Image Nation, the Abu Dhabi-based film and entertainment firm, recently announced its intention to create and support more locally made documentaries. Its CEO, Michael Garin, says, “Our aim is to create a cadre of talent in the field while also recording pieces of history.”

Imad DeirAtany, managing director at New York Film Academy Abu Dhabi, believes that the UAE’s unique location, combined with the region’s complicated history, make it an ideal breeding ground for documentary subjects.

“The UAE has various and rich landscape locations that would add higher standards of visuals and images. The new, clean and organised cities, along with the great deserts, stir mixed feelings between the modern and traditional culture,” he says.

“The region has lots of interesting stories, not only about tribes and Bedouins, but also stories about the new generation that speaks diverse languages and is educated and exposed to what’s happening around the world, yet struggles with life like in any other country.”

Applicants must fill out an online application form and post a YouTube link of previous projects at www.arabfilmstudio.ae for review. Deadline for submission is 30th June. Chosen participants, to be announced in August, will move on to attend the training.

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