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There’s an app for that! How to make life in Abu Dhabi a little bit easier

With a combined total of 2.8 million apps available worldwide, you could say  we’re no short of options on your phone – and who doesn’t want 10,000 ways to edit their selfies But here’s a few applications we think are useful, user-friendly, and above all free!

Flash Entertainment 


Flash Entertainment organises some of the biggest – and arguably the best – events in the capital from F1 after-race concerts to one-off gigs. This app keeps you tapped in to what Flash has planned.

The calendar schedule and the news feed will keep you up to date, and Flash TV features teaser videos to get you pumped for the next event. You’ll find all of the Abu Dhabi  Summer Season events on here, and you can purchase tickets for upcoming shows.

Abu Dhabi Radio 


If you’re on the go and your own playlists just aren’t cutting it, download Abu Dhabi Radio, which includes a variety of stations such as Star FM, Abu Dhabi Classic FM and Emarat FM.

It will stream from your 3G, 4G or wifi so expect moments where the stream may freeze.



Lunch options will never be limited again. Foodonclick is an online site that allows you to order from hundreds of outlets across the capital, even the ones that don’t deliver.

Whether you’re hankering after a hamburger or craving a curry, this app has every cuisine you could want.

Waiting time varies on your location, but often due to the outlet’s efficiency.



Any regular traveller needs a flight tracker, and FlightAware is one of the best. It’ll tell you the flight status and location of any commercial flight anywhere in the world in real time, shows you the flight on a map, tells you what aircrafts are in the sky (and where they’re heading), flag up delays and ETAs, and set alerts. Essential if you have a flight to meet!



CityGuard allows residents and visitors of the emirate to report incidents and submit complaints directly to the government – such as overflowing rubbish bins and signs that have fallen over.

Through audio, video and photography, an embedded interactive map positions the incident when it is logged. The app automatically creates a case with the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre, assigning the case to the appropriate government entity to then be resolved.

The idea is to increase the community’s collaboration with the government to improve the city.

The Entertainer 


Arguably the most popular discount service in the UAE, The Entertainer offers hundreds of buy one get one free vouchers. There are different options including the original, which features dining vouchers, as well as the Entertainer Body and Entertainer Kids.

The book version is now available as an app. It’s free to download with some trial discounts to whet your appetite. The standard Abu Dhabi version will cost you AED 355.

Abu Dhabi KEY Statistics 


Available in English and Arabic, the Abu Dhabi Statistics Centre app gives figures on a variety of topics including agriculture, population, employment structure and the economy.

The information isn’t incredibly up to date, but it gives decent statistics for the last ten years.

Visit Abu Dhabi 


This app is great for residents and visitors alike. It offers up-to-date information on travel, prayer times, restaurants, deals and tourist attractions both on and offline. Plenty of great photo and video galleries will get you hot-footing around the capital in no time.

Content is in nine languages: English, Arabic, Italian, German, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese.



Want to try something new in an area of town you don’t know? This app is a great visual tool to help you find a variety of locations and venues in a fun way.

When you open up Wikitude, your camera opens too and you have options to look for a variety of topics including restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions. Once you’ve picked one, as you move your device around, the camera finds registered spots. It tells you how far away they are and gives you contact details.

Abu Dhabi Taxi 


Book your taxi with the Abu Dhabi Taxi app, which has been designed to reduce time, omit the need to ring the call centre and wait for one to come past on the street. It allows you to book the standard taxi, family taxi or a seven-seater; you’ll pay the same small booking fee as when calling TransAD. When your taxi is ordered you’ll receive an SMS with confirmation.

HomeBudget Lite 


It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and the glam of UAE life and when you’re scraping for dirhams towards the end of the month, this may be a sign to take your finances a little more seriously.

HomeBudget Lite is a free app that helps you keep track of your money. It’s super easy to use and with visual graphics to show you just where your money is going, this can be a real kick-start to a more savvy you. And you can save pictures of receipts to save time.



Similar to the Abu Dhabi Taxi app, Uber is another option for those looking for a cab. Using GPS and saved previous locations, you’ll be able to get a car pretty much on your doorstep.

The app shows time until arrival – and you’ll receive an SMS when the car is close and when it has arrived.

What we like about Uber is that it links directly to your bank account or credit card so there’s no need for cash. Beware though: the fare is slightly more expensive than normal, even higher in busy periods.

Abu Dhabi Business Directory 


Created by the Department of Economic Development, this directory is crammed with details for both business and recreational services. You’ll be able to search for products and services, company names and locations within Abu Dhabi.

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