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Want a place in the heart of Abu Dhabi? Part two of our house hunting guide will help you find the right home on the island

Whether you are relocating to the city or are thinking about moving closer to downtown, there are plenty of accommodation options that are conveniently located close to schools, supermarkets, malls and recreational facilities.

We take a look at some of the options on Abu Dhabi island.

Al Zahiyah

Formerly known as the Tourist Club Area, this downtown district is popular for its affordable accommodation. The area – which stretches from the northern end of Corniche East to Al Falah Street (9th) – features only apartments.

The buildings are old and most lack modern amenities such as pools and gyms. However, the area is convenient because of its central location and there are various shops, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets nearby, specifically Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Mall and a CoOp.

Apartments available from AED 75,000 for one bedroom, AED 80,000 for two bedrooms and AED 110,000 for three bedrooms.

Madinat Zayed, downtown

The downtown version of Madinat Zayed – not to be confused with the desert district in the Western Region – refers to the area surrounding Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre on Muroor Road. There are plenty of apartments, both new and old, as well as a mosque, post office and CoOp. However, beware of heavy traffic and parking problems.

Apartments available from AED 50,000 for one bedroom, AED 80,000 for two bedrooms, AED 100,000 for three bedrooms.

Al Khalidiya

This is arguably one of the most popular residential areas downtown as it features modern apartment buildings as well as villas. It’s within walking distance of the Corniche and public parks and close to Khalidiyah Mall, banks, cafés, supermarkets and schools.

Apartments available from AED 80,000 for one bedroom, AED 90,000 for two bedrooms
and AED 130,000 for three bedrooms.

Al Nahyan

Al Nahyan is between the Eastern Ring Road and Muroor Road and stretches from Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi down to Delma Street (13th). The area is close to several parks, independent restaurants and cafés, a few hospitals and schools, Al Wahda Mall and the bus station. Choose from villas and apartments including Al Nahyan Compound and Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi Apartments.

Apartments available from AED 75,000 for one bedroom, AED 95,000 for two bedrooms and AED 150,000 for three bedrooms. Villas from AED 200,000 for three bedrooms to AED 450,000 for six bedrooms.

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