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Boost your chances of clinching that elusive job with these pointers

Abu Dhabi’s economic forecast remains upbeat despite the erratic oil market. However, the workforce demand continues to be complex.

Victoria Paine, associate director of Charterhouse, a recruitment firm in the Middle East, says, “The employment market across the Gulf is still growing, resulting in continuous opportunities. There are sectors in this region where candidate supply outstrips job demand, including finance, customer service and unskilled positions.”

So what can you do to bag your dream job? Here are a few pointers to take note.

Have the right qualifications 

According to a recent job survey by the recruitment website, potential employees in the UAE should be a team player, and possess good leadership and communication skills in both English and Arabic.

Suhail Masri, the site’s vice president of sales, says, “It’s up to you to gain these skills through various training opportunities. Free online courses are helpful.” Visit for inspiration.

Victoria adds, “Experience and personality can still outweigh paper qualifications. As long as candidates are technically competent to do the job, employers more often look for the right personality and attitude.”

Draft a plan 

It’s tempting to send out blanket emails to potential employers but this tactic can be disastrous in the long run because you’ll blend into the sea of applicants.

“Hone in on your expertise in a particular field and apply for jobs that are related to your experience,” says Suhail.

“Figure out what type of job you want, whether you want to switch industries or want a different job role. This clarity will take you far in the job search.”

Document your search 

“Keep all your search activities in a spreadsheet, including the jobs you’ve applied for, the companies you’ve contacted, and any other jobs you might be interested in. This will help you stay on track and keep your goal in sight,” explains Suhail.

Establish an online presence

More companies scout for potential staff online. Using web-based recruitment channels make you accessible to employers. As well as, top recruitment sites include,,, and

To alleviate the stress of job hunting, use a professional recruitment consultancy. A huge amount of positions are never advertised. Conduct your own searches and network but remember recruiters are there to open doors for you, so use them.

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