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Happy hunting


Team up with your friends for fun, food and a good cause

Do you think you know Abu Dhabi? If so, put your knowledge to the test and join in with the Great Abu Dhabi Scavenger Hunt.

Susan Aylott, a volunteer for the charity Animal Welfare Abu Dhabi, came up with the idea to promote animal welfare in 2014, and the event was such a success she decided to make it annual.

So here’s how it works. First, gather a team of five – you need to fit in one car – and register for the hunt by phone or email.

Teams will meet at 11am on 27th February at Park Rotana Abu Dhabi near Khalifa Park for a briefing and buffet. Each team will be given a mascot – an object unique to their team – to carry with them throughout the day, and a list of 100 tasks. You’ll have just ten minutes to review them.

Susan says, “The tasks will contain a clue or photo – such as a venue on Yas Island – to guide the teams throughout the city. Topics may include culture, geography, literature or sport. Even people who have lived here their whole lives will find it challenging, but extremely fun. People become very competitive.”


The teams will then scatter across the city as they complete their tasks. Most require proof, so a camera phone is essential, and you need to include your mascot in each photo. The team that successfully performs the most tasks before 5pm will win a post-race buffet at Park Rotana Abu Dhabi – not to mention a coveted trophy.

Last year’s winning team captain, Brian Pitts, says, “We can categorically recommend this event to anyone looking for a little excitement and the opportunity to meet new friends and learn more about Abu Dhabi.”

All proceeds go towards Animal Welfare Abu Dhabi, which will use them to pay veterinary bills for stray animals.

AED 250 per participant. For more information contact: 050 111 4987 [email protected]

Heather Long Vandevoorde


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