Car must-haves

If you think an iPod and packet of chewing gum is all you need when you’re zipping about the city, then think again. You need certain items to prepare for emergencies – and to abide by the law

Whether you’re popping to the shops or heading to the desert, your car should hold a number of items that may not only be handy if you break down, but could save your life. Here’s our list of car must-haves…

An old mobile phone



If you have an old phone, or don’t mind paying AED 50 for a secondhand one, leave a spare in your glovebox. Leave it fully charged and switched off, and even when you’re out of credit you can call 999 for emergency services.


Fire extinguisher

Most cars come with one, so check yours does and find out where it’s stored. You may incur a fine from Abu Dhabi Police if you’re stopped and found not to have one. A 1kg extinguisher is ideal. AED 49 from ACE Hardware Yas Island.  Contact: 02 565 1945


Bottled water and energy bars

Remember you’re in the desert, so carry a 1.5l bottle in your boot even for everyday journeys around the capital.

Energy bars help you feel full for up to three hours – handy if you’re waiting for a car recovery service. Take them on long journeys but don’t leave them inside your car as they’ll melt.

Store GU energy gel sachets in your glovebox instead, as these can’t melt and provide enough energy for an hour. AED 8 for 32g sachets in strawberry, orange, chocolate, vanilla and blackberry from Go Sport, Abu Dhabi Mall, Al Zahia. Contact: 02 645 4595



If you break down and need to look at your engine, a torch will be useful. It can also help guide your passengers to a safe place away from the car.

AED 99 from Carrefour, Airport Road.  Contact: 02 449 4300

Jack Dignum


TRD 86 Cup News

The TRD 86 Cup, held at Yas Marina Circuit and Dubai Autodrome, is a six-round, single make car competition. After starting on 11th December 2014, it’s now in full swing. We manage to grab a moment with driver Sam Taheri to talk about his season so far.


How long have you been driving competitively?

I’ve been a motorsports fan ever since I can remember but I’ve been driving competitively in go kart races around the UAE since 2005.

In 2012, I started Vector Engineering – the team I race for – where we competed in a Rotax Max competition for go karts. I also competed in a UAE Time Attack competition and the SWS World Series karting competition. Now we are heavily involved in the TRD 86 Cup.

Why do you like competing in the TRD 86 Cup?

The fact that the cars are identical and most technical parts have been sealed –
so they can’t be modified – creates an even field, making the race all about driving skill. It’s very close and bumper-to-bumper racing makes it exciting.

How is your season going so far? 

I’ve had lots of ups and downs but valuable lessons are learnt and experiences are gained from every minute at the wheel.

In the first round of the cup I had some misfortunes and crashed at the end of the race which held me back on increasing my championship points total. On the second race, I started from the back of the grid (in tenth position) with a partly broken car, but at least I managed to finish in third place.

Round three of six will take place on 12th and 13th March at Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Island.  Free to watch. For more information contact: 02 659 9800


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