Room for improvement

A room for all seasons. We ask the expert for a walkthrough of current interior design trends Living in the Middle East, it might seem like with the year-round sunshine we don’t get the full range of seasonal changes. But those who like having a
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Not just Grande standing

Ariana Grande is heading this way to help us celebrate National Day. So we look at her meteoric rise to fame and what she’s doing with it... She may have that made-for-pop appeal, but 22-year-old American Ariana Grande has proven that she is wil
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New kid on the block

In just a year, Bill Bragin has curated a new performing arts season and, together with fellow ambassadors, is setting the stage for a cultural community It’s no secret Abu Dhabi has visions – and it’s going to great lengths to turn them int
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Give it a tri

Starting a New Year’s resolution early, we’re embarking on our first triathlon I’ve decided to do a triathlon. Why? I’m still asking myself the same question. Once I mentioned it to my editor, he signed us both up for TriYas 2016. I
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Win! Win! Win!

Seaplane tour from Seawings

Seawings is the UAE’s only seaplane tour operator that offers unique aerial tour across the country’s stunning skyline and landscape. The air-conditioned Cessna 209 Caravan aircrafts take-off fr  Learn more »

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